Tibetan prayer stones - handcarved mani stones - sacred OM and the compassionate eyes of Buddha

Aloha! Thank you for stopping by to browse our unique collection of artwork. Hither and Yon LLC has been offering hassle-free shopping online since 1999. All of the handicrafts shown on the site are purchased directly from local artisans whom we had the pleasure of meeting when we travelled overland throughout asia some years ago. These items were selected for their uniqueness and high quality.
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We live on the Big island of Hawaii, and ship our orders worldwide. We strive to be speedy, most orders are shipped within two business days. Hither & Yon is an Ebay Powerseller with 99% positive feedback...please take a moment to read some of our recent feedback to rest assured that we treat all customers with honesty & integrity.
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For orders over $30.00, we offer FREE U.S. SHIPPING via the U.S. postal service priority mail. Orders less than $30.00 are charged $5.00 shipping & handling. Please specify if you would like insurance added, insurance rates are approximately $1.30/$50 value. Mailing time averages 2-5 business days to the U.S. mainland.
we ship anywhere!
Shipping charges for international orders will be billed after purchase is made. Many countries qualify for "global priority mail" on small to medium sized orders. This service is $9.00, but we offer a $4.00 credit so end cost to the buyer is only $5.00. If the order is too large for this service or if this service is not available to your country (eg.Italy), then "international air mail" is used. If you wish to have a better idea of the exact rate before you purchase, you can email us for a quote on your expected order, or visit www.usps.com/calculate postage for rates.
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All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, State of Hawaii residents must add 4.17% sales tax. If an item needs to be returned, please do so within 15 days for a full refund of the purchase price minus the shipping cost. Any orders that are cancelled before shipping that have already been packed are subject to a 15%-25% restocking fee.
we ship anywhere!
Our website is in a constant state of change, we're always trying to tweak and improve it. Please pardon any signs of construction, we're working on things! More products are arriving all the time, and new pages will be added in the future. Feel free to forward any concerns, questions, or product suggestions to us at hitherandyon@hotmail.com.
we ship anywhere!
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We've been selling online and offering auctions on Ebay since 1999. If you have any hesitation about purchasing from us on the web, please read a few of the feedback comments from our past customers in our
the Dharma
Karmapa flag - tibetan Buddhism - let the Dharma expand...
The 16th Karmapa saw this flag in a dream, and announced "Wherever this banner is flown, the Dharma will expand." He called it "Victorious Flag of the Buddha's Wisdom." On the relative level, the colours blue and yellow represent the sky and the earth; and the wave symbolises the Buddhadharma which flourishes between the entirety of the two. Follow the links below for more information.


A vast resource of dharma information
International Tibet Support Group
Free Tibet website
Buddhist information & education network
Karmapa Dream Flag information
Global travel information
Pay anyone with an email address
Curbside recycling on the island of Oahu


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